Thursday, 22 January 2015

Microsoft's Windows 10 event

The next generation of Windows: Windows 10

Microsoft reveals Windows 10 will ship with two browsers


Internet Explorer

9 Biggest Announcements From Microsoft's 

                                Windows 10 event

 New look, old start menu

 Desktop on your phone

Cortana on your desktop

 New apps everywhere

Your PC is now your Xbox

Microsoft's virtual reality headset

Microsoft's giant touchscreen TV

Internet Explorer Project Spartan

A bigger role for OneDrive

Terry Myerson

Windows 10 is the first step to an era of more personal computing. This vision framed our work on Windows 10, where we are moving Windows from its heritage of enabling a single device – the PC – to a world that is more mobile, natural and grounded in trust. We believe your experiences should be mobile – not just your devices. Technology should be out of the way and your apps, services and content should move with you across devices, seamlessly and easily. In our connected and transparent world, we know that people care deeply about privacy – and so do we. That’s why everything we do puts you in control – because you are our customer, not our product. We also believe that interacting with technology should be as natural as interacting with people – using voice, pen, gestures and even gaze for the right interaction, in the right way, at the right time. These concepts led our development and you saw them come to life today.