Sunday, 15 January 2012

Windows 8 Simulator for 7

Windows 8 different than other windows versions because It's mainly based on the touch system as apple and some features as the Linux
You can feel the windows 8 and it's new features without buying or installing windows using this freeware, and you can get a complete idea about windows 8 using this freeware.

Download Windows 8 Simulator from here. The file is around 8 MB in size. Once downloaded, you’ll get a Zip file. Extract the file using Winrar or 7 Zip or whatever extractor you use, run the setup.exe file on your computer and follow the instructions to install.

When installing is done, it will display a screen similar to boot screen of Windows 8. As I stated above, it doesn’t have anything to do with your current Windows interface. So don’t get worried. After that, you’ll be prompted to enter the password. You have to skip this step by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button

Now you should have the Windows 8 metro interface on the simulator window. Have a look at the below screenshot to see how it will look like once the Windows 8 simulator is installed on your PC. You can start testing each and every feature by clicking on the metro icons on the metro screen, respectively.

ou can check your Twitter, Facebook and email accounts from within the simulator. Of course you’ll need an Internet connection to test all these features on metro screen. You can browse the web using Google Chrome, make notes on notepad, listen to the music using Windows media player, play Youtube videos and many more things.

There is a power button at the bottom-left corner of the simulator screen. Clicking this button will close down the simulator and get you back to your current Windows operating system. You can re-launch the app anytime you want and when you’re done with testing all Windows 8 features, you can uninstall it as I mentioned above.

It’s a freeware and the only simulator available on the Internet to check, test and feel the Windows 8 operating system. By the way, let me tell you what, Microsoft will release the first beta version of Windows 8 operating system in fall 2012, sources say. In the meantime, you can enjoy the metro user interface through this simulator or you can download and install Windows 8 developer preview if you want.