Saturday, 19 April 2014

Microsoft to open $1.1 billion.

Microsoft will build a $1.1 billion data center West Des Moines, Iowa that will occupy 1.2 million square feet on 154 acres, according to a report in The Des Moines Register.

$2 billion of data centers

The project, which had been codenamed Project Alluvion, is approximately 8 miles from Microsoft's current data center in West Des Moines. The new project would bring Microsoft's total investment in West Des Moines to approximately $2 billion.

Bringings jobs to Iowa

As part of its deal with the Iowa Economic Development Authority Board, Microsoft's data center must create 84 jobs, 66 of which must have a wage of at least $24.32 an hour.
Iowa has become a hotspot for data centers. Facebook and Google both recently opened data centers in the state.

San Antonio

Microsoft has also confirmed plans to build a $250 million data center next to its existing data center in San Antonio, TX. When the San Antonio project is complete, the space will comprise more than 700,000 square feet.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Windows 9 release date

Microsoft communications chief Frank Shaw said the company wasn't ready to talk about how often Windows might come out when we spoke to him in January, but he agreed "you have certainly seen across a variety of our products a cadence that looks like that; Windows Phone is a good for example of that, our services are a good example of that".
We don't know if Windows 9 will be available as an upgrade from Windows 7 that you can buy as a standalone product or if you'll have to have Windows 8 to get the upgrade. But it may not be with us for a while yet - Windows business chief Tami Reller has talked about "multiple selling seasons" for Windows 8, meaning that we'll likely have several versions of it.
Some rumours have suggested late 2014 or early 2015 for a Windows 9 release, though the former seems wide of the mark.
In January 2014, well-known Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott said he believes the company plans to release Windows 9 (codenamed Threshold) in April 2015, less than three years after Windows 8.
The thinking appears to be that the Windows 8 name is now too tarnished and that - in contrast to Reller's comments above - Microsoft wishes to clear things out by releasing Windows 9 instead.

Windows Phone 9 concept release date, news and rumors

 we still know very little about Windows Phone 9.

Originally it was expected to be with us by the end of 2013 as it was thought that Microsoft may adopt the annual software cycle made popular by Apple in an attempt to keep its mobile OS fresh and, more importantly, relevant.
That didn't happen, but from the information that we've been able to gather so far it looks like Windows Phone 9 could be a massive overhaul, so it's not surprising that it's taken over a year.
Before 9 however it looks like we're going to get Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft looks set to announce 8.1 at its Build conference in April 2014, while further leaks highlight that Windows Phone 8.5 may also be on the cards.

Before we get our teeth in Windows Phone 9 we need to visit the rumors surrounding versions 8.1 and 8.5. They have been confused with the ninth iteration of the platform before, and it's important to make a distinction between all three.
We have many concepts Regarding Windows phone 9.we can see in below concept pitcture

Upcoming Concept Features with Windows 9 ?

    Windows 9 is The Future Of Windows??

DeviantArt user has created a Windows 9 concept that also features a Start 

menu with a design very similar to the one shown by Microsoft at the BUILD 

2014.which includes live tiles and a search box that allows you to look 

for information locally and on the web.

The company hasn’t provided too many details about the Start menu, but it 

did mention that it’s expected to arrive in the next iteration of Windows.