Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Microsoft gets ready to introduce the next Windows OS?

More language news today, as the president of Microsoft France actually shared his thoughts on Windows 9 release. Pure, unfiltered thoughts, one can say.

Microsoft's event is set on Sept. 30, and the world is looking forward to the announcement of the upcoming Windows 9 beta version to be shown as a "technical preview." As the features and release date of the Windows 9 is highly anticipated,Myce.com had gotten hold of a leaked document posted online last May that also mentions the Windows Phone 9, although the document is not exclusively about the mobile operating system.
While there have been no specific details on the said update, information about Windows 9 has been going around, which highlights the return of the Start menu along with the absence of the charms bar. Its predecessor, Windows 8, was met with mixed reviews due to efforts on combining both desktop and mobile features that may have discouraged many new users.
Other main features that have been reported include "update items" such as the improvements to Windows activation and Notification Center, Windows Defender, and OneDrive. Cortana, known as the Windows Phone 8.1 virtual personal assistant, was also mentioned as a possible addition to Windows 9.