Sunday, 15 January 2012

iPad on a Windows 7

The iPad is a tablet designed and developed by Apple Inc. It’s the most popular device in the gadget world. Those who own an iPad, they are already familiar with the amazing experience they get when using the device. The iPad is easy to carry and do much of what you demand from your laptop. Those of you who don’t have this device, you must really wish to own an iPad, and buying it could empty your pockets, as it’s priced at the same range you can buy a Laptop with a very good configuration.
iPadian brings a wonderful iPad experience on Windows operating system. The best thing is you don’t have to install iPadian, as it’s portable. Just run the iPadian exe file, and in the blink of an eye you will see an iPad interface on your Windows desktop. It features standalone Adobe air application, Full Screen preview, Custom App Store, Games, Free music & videos, Webkit browser, Support Facebook notification & messages and Social Chat. Have a look at the screenshots below. This is how it will look like when you use iPadian on your Windows machine.
The above screenshot shows the dashboard where you can access all in-build applications by simply mouse clicking on the icons. The below screenshot shows the music library. If you have used the iPad before, you must already be familiar with this interface. At the right, you can click on any app to start using it. Scroll down to get all the apps in the navigation.
The stimulator also comes with a Webkit browser so that you don’t have to minimize iPadian every time you want to browse the web. You can use this Webkit browser and browse the web, just like through iPad.

You can chat with your Facebook friends, update your Google+ status, hangout with your Twitter friends, watch Youtube videos, make notes and do all other things that you do with an iPad right within iPadian application. You really must download iPadian if you’re not able to buy an iPad and have been eagerly waiting to get hands on with iPad interface for a long time. The best thing I like the most in iPadian application is that it allows you to switch to full screen mode so that Windows taskbar couldn’t ruin your iPad experience.

Important to note that it doesn’t change any values in Windows registry. As I stated above, it’s a portable application and can work on any Windows machine. You can close the iPad interface anytime by clicking on the close icon in the top right of the screen. You can download iPadian from here